Fall is upon us! Brisk mornings and evenings are the perfect time to go relax in one of many hot springs Oregon has to offer. It doesn’t get much better than a small hike through green Oregon forests to then arrive at the steaming natural hot spring. The first dip in is absolute heaven!

Here are some of ours and locals favorites you have to go see for yourself:


Umpqua Hot Springs– In the Umpqua National Forest, this hot spring looks like something out of a movie.  The river is flowing below the multiple hot springs available to soak in. It costs $5 a day per car, and is open sunrise to sundown. There may be a bit of a hike in the winter, due to some road closures, but it is definitely worth it! You can see exact directions and check for road closures in the area here.

Summer Lake Hot Springs– In the outback of Paisley, Summer Lake Hot Springs is designed from an old bath house. Driving up to it, it just looks like a cool barn, but the inside is a pool flowing with natural mineral water. You can also rent cabins, park an RV or tent camp on the property. To check availability, and reserve your spot, click here.

Belknap Hot Springs, Lodge and Gardens– Located on the Mckenzie River, Belknap has 2 Natual Mineral water pools, a lodge, many trails through the property, and a secret garden! The hikes through the lush, green forest are just what you need to unwind, (aside from the soak itself of course). To book a room and see what else Belknap has to offer, click here.

Paulina Lake Hot Springs– Paulina lake is a little closer to Central Oregon, and most people don’t know that on the NE side of the lake. The springs are not like the others, as they are underground, so bring shovels. You can find your own little beach spot with a great view, and dig your own personal hot spring for your whole body, or just dip your feet in. Read more about the Paulina area here.


We hope we have given you an idea for your next day off, now get out there and soak your troubles away!


The Jones Group