It’s almost fall, which means back to school here in Oregon; most people in the country are already back to school. Normally the kids going back to school is a happy time for parents, but with the pandemic still going on, and cases rising in some places in the U.S, most parents are very unsure of how it is all going to pan out, whether your kids going back to the classroom, or doing online learning. We are here to help with some tips that can help ease some of the stress.

For Classroom Learners-

Safety- Every district and possibly even every school, will have different rules based around COVID, so it’s important to teach your kids all of the new things they will be adapting to as soon as they are back at school. Teaching them to keep their masks on, not share or swap with friends, washing hands regularly, and keeping a distance from others, as best as possible.

Practice- Aside from teaching them all new procedures, for a week or two before heading back, practice them to get them in the habit before going back.

Adapting- Everything is going to be new for your kids once back at school, but make sure to take to them and let them know that for now, we just have to adapt until this is over. Explain the ‘why’s’ of everything, so they know the reasons for it all. Maybe offer to get ice cream after school on Fridays, or something else fun they can look forward to at the end of the week.

Online/ Home Learners-

Learning Area- Keeping things as regular to school is important, so the kids will have an easier time concentrating and learning during the day. If you don’t have a desk, set up a small class area for them, with their supplies in close reach, and away from a play room, or toys, to avoid distractions.

Make it Fun- Even if you have a small area to provide for your kids temporary classroom, set up some fun learning aids. Buy and set up a small chalk or white board for visual learning, and look into buying some blocks for learning math. You could even set up a fun obstacle course to replace P.E. and change it up to keep it fun.

Ask for Help- It may seem like you should know everything your child is learning, but remember, it’s been a long time and the curriculum changes often, so don’t be afraid to reach out to your child’s teacher to ask for help, you will not be the only parent!

Adapt- Just like everything above, there will be many new things happening, so if you are doing video chats with the class or teacher, get them in the habit of sitting and being as patient as possible, not interrupting, or getting distracted with other children.

Check in Regularly- Check in with yours and your Childs mental health. If you don’t have a regular counselor, think about setting up a time for you both to go in and talk with one, you might be surprised at the things your child is concerned or scared of in these times. Most schools have counselors, you could start there, as your child may already be comfortable with them.

Deep Breaths- There may be many times a day when you are feeling a little overwhelmed, so make it a habit to stay hydrated, and take deep breaths regularly to ease any tension you may have.

At the end of the day, this is new to everyone right now, so even though some days may be stressful, and you may feel like you are failing, know that everyone is in the same boat, and this is not permanent.

Happy Learning!
The Jones Group @ Sunriver Realty