Buying a Home is Like a Vacation

While it may sound odd to suggest that buying a home is like a vacation, the similarities are numerous. Both a home purchase and a vacation require planning. Both require money and of course saving. Homes, like vacations are expensive and both often come with regrets that only hindsight will reveal. Unless of course you approach the process of buying a home and a vacation as a list of things that need to be done in advance. In both instances, expectations are high and when any event comes with that much anticipation, disappointments are possible.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. So let’s compare the two for similarities, measure them against our hopes and ultimately learn to adjust the big events against our expectations.


Most people begin the process with a realization. For a vacation, it is the realization that you need time off from the daily grind. For a home, it is the realization that your current living arrangements no longer meet your needs. Both are centered on the need for change, something that will alter your outlook, adjust your attitude and realign your course. While vacations can do this, the result is often short lived. In home buying, the readjustment is more permanent. But a surprising number of people I encounter enter into the process full of expectations that are unrealistic.

Did you ever hear that old advice about packing for a trip? Most people suggest you pack everything you think you will need and then remove half of it. Advice: Decide what you would like and begin to edit those requirements. A home can be remodeled, upgraded and otherwise improved over time. So “unpack” some of those must-haves and look for a home that can grow with you.


Some people focus so much on the vacation they “need” and pay little or no attention to the cost of those wants. These people tend to charge much of their vacation telling themselves that they will budget after-the- fact. Home purchases also require money, lots of it. And yes, you can push much of the cost into the future. But buying a home is different. The smaller the amount of money you enter into the process with the higher the overall costs over time. Advice: Save and save as much as you can. Yes, it will crimp your lifestyle but that is your life after the house is purchased. The more you bring to the process, the greater the flexibility you will have once you are in the home.


Yes, you should dream and envision and imagine. Rarely are we disappointed when we conjure up what a vacation or a home will be like once we are in it. If you think otherwise, I strongly suggest you talk to your parents, relatives, or friends who have purchased a home. Few will tell you that everything they had hoped those early years in the home would be came true. But they held onto the dream, seasoned it with some reality and served it up as a slowly evolving dish.

Advice: It is dreams that propel us forward and although they may be edited, downsized, even reconsidered, the dream always remains. So dream and then come see me.

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