What Central Oregon Home Buyers Know

Statistics are backward-looking metrics that do little to predict anything moving forward. If you knew for instance, how many homes were bought and sold in Central Oregon during the third quarter of 2016 (currently Q4 numbers are not yet available), would this have any impact on your home buying effort? Probably not. But on the other hand, what home buyers in Central Oregon do know might help you with your decision.

As a home buyer, you know several things about the process. But you may not have been a home buyer recently. Most people are not. Most information about home buyers suggest you will you move more than once in your lifetime. In fact, according to the website FiveThirtyEight, the average person older than fifteen years old will move eleven times over the course of their life. But most move several times and if they are in a home now, they have lived there for at least five years. But why move at all?

The FiveThirtyEight site also concluded, building some wiggle room into the otherwise vague stats provided by the Census Bureau survey from 2010 that you will move less frequently if you earn $100,000 or more a year and even fewer times if you are older. The vast majority of buyers apparently do so in search of a better home.

But what is a better home? This is something Central Oregon buyers know something about. Builders in Central Oregon have been constructing smaller homes focused on the entry-level home buyer. These homes are usually in the 1,500 square foot range with an average selling price of $300,000. Overall, the area has seen better-than- average price appreciation.

And this is what those statistics miss: Central Oregon home buyers are older, tend to be retired, and are looking to this area for primary living. This group had been among the most active vacation home buyers. So what do they know that seems to be bucking the trend?

They realize the vibrancy of the community. Central Oregon has a high livability rating. As a result of steady population growth and increased amenities, these older buyers know that areas that offer a wide variety of stimulating activities, both physical and cultural, with an age-diverse population, and access to necessary services have made the move to this area much more attractive.

If the quality of your retirement is a growing concern, and you are looking for an area that is still affordable and more importantly, geared towards a wide range of lifestyles, we should talk in 2017.

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