If you have special materials in the home, like marble countertops, specialty hardwood floors, or granite backsplash, you know protecting and preserving them is vital, so here are some ways to clean, polish and take care of the upkeep of these special materials in the home.


Marble is a porous, soft stone, made primarily of calcium carbonate, so it’s easy to stain, scratch, and more, so it’s important to use preventative measures, like: use coasters, and use trivets for hot dishes. If countertops, use soft rags to clean, and if they are floors, make sure to sweep up any dust, sand or dirt before rolling a vacuum cleaner over it, to prevent scratching.

For spills, keep on cleaning them right away, to avoid staining. Use water and mild dish soap and clean gently with soft rag.

For cleaning, avoid harsh cleaners, especially those that contain scrubbing ingredients, as well as lemon, vinegar, and any other acidic ingredients, that will dull marble. Find a stoner cleaner, made especially for marble, and other specialty stones.

Hard Wood-

Beautiful hard wood floors, as well as countertops can last decades, when taken care of properly. The key is to prevent scratches and scuffs, and keep coated to prevent rot or mold, from any water damage.

For cleaning, use dust mop or vacuum to pick up and dirt, hair and more, without scratching. You can mop with a water and vinegar mixture, or a good wood-cleaning product, like Murphy Oil Soap.


Granite is made up primarily of silicates, such as quartz, feldspar, and mica. It is one of the hardest stones used in interior appliances, and has antibacterial traits. It is also naturally resistant to heat, water and most acids.

For upkeep and cleaning, you can use water, mild dish soap, and soft cloth most of the time, but for deeper cleaning, you can use a half and half water and rubbing alcohol solution. Avoid acidic cleaners like lemon, and vinegar on granite. You can also find specialty cleaners for stones, like granite.

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