2021, new year, new me, right? For many, we start with these big resolutions, only to get burnt out a few weeks later, so why not start small with reasonable resolutions? For the next few weeks we will give you some ideas of things to start the year right, with ideas to keep at them throughout the year, so they are easier to stick with. This week we are talking about de-cluttering the home, to keep the house tidy and the stress levels down. Ready? Let’s go!

Donate- Keep in mind the whole time when trying to decide whether or not to keep that vase that you never use, there is someone out there who would see it, love it and use it regularly. It’s okay to let things go that no longer serve you or have purpose.

One Room at a Time- Start with one room as a time when de-cluttering. The thought of everything in the whole house is overwhelming, and may make you instantly stressed and wanting to give up. If you have a very cluttered room, just take it section by section. Start with the bookshelf only, then move to the closet.

Marie Kondo Method- Marie Kondo is all about keeping only what sparks joy, and tidying by category, not location. If you have not seen her show, start by watching just one episode of “Tidying up with Marie Kondo” on Netflix, and you will instantly be ready to take on the job. She offers courses, organizing products, and more. Check out her website to get inspired.

For Clothing- A great method when trying to decide what clothes to keep and what to get rid of in the closet is put all of the hangers facing the other way, then in a couple months, if they are still backwards, get rid of them. If a couple months is not enough time, wait until the next season, as some clothing may be seasonal. You can even start with winter clothes in the winter, spring clothes in the spring, and so on. You will find out what you are just not wearing, and it’s time to let them go. Remember, there is someone out there who would love that dress and wear it often, so let it go.

Make it Weekly- Once a week, walk around the areas you have cleaned and de-cluttered, and make sure no new things have gathered, to keep up on it. It will become a habit to keep these areas clean, and get rid of any excess stuff that has gathered, that you just don’t need.

Happy New Year!
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