Who else loves fall as much as we do?! The cooler temps, falling leaves, and the holidays right around the corner makes for a favorite season for many. Even though this year has been very different than previous years in many ways, there are still ways you can get out there (and from your home) and enjoy this beautiful season.

Picnic- Get your favorite picnic foods, a close friend or family member, and go have a picnic at your favorite spot. If it’s cold or raining, find a covered spot, or pop open the back of a car and sit under some blankets, while still enjoying the views.

Zoom Call Friends and Family- Jump on a Zoom or FaceTime call with your friends and family that you don’t get to see very often. This is great way to catch up with loved ones while feeling like they’re there with you in that moment.

Socially Distanced Thanksgiving- Now more than ever, it’s important to look out for friends, family and neighbors, so why not invite a few extra people over for Thanksgiving this year, keeping your distance of course. It’s especially nice for those you haven’t seen in months, to just catch up and enjoy each other’s company on this day of giving thanks.

Visit Favorite Summer Spot We all have our favorite spring or summer spots, and often times don’t know what it even looks like this time of year, so go check it out! Here in Central Oregon, we all tend to have our favorite lake, river or hiking spots, so grab the family and make a day trip of it, just remember to dress MUCH warmer than you would in the summer.

Decorate- Get in the spirit, and start decorating! You can decorate for fall/ harvest season, or just go right for it, and get the Christmas stuff out and up around the house and yard.

Make Holiday Gifts- Whether you make gifts for the people in your life during the holidays or not, this is a great thing to start doing now. For those zen people in your life, you can make a spa set with body scrub, bath soak, and a homemade face mask. For the family cook, you can make homemade sauces and rubs, and include some fun cooking utensils. Go online and get some ideas for homemade gifts, Pinterest is a great place to start!

Take a Virtual Tour- Want to see the Great Wall of China? Or the Taj Mahal? You can, and from your living room. Grab the family and some cocoa or cider, and watch a virtual tour online. It will feel like you went to another place, and are still home in time for desert! Click HERE to see more tours.

Happy Fall Everyone!
The Jones Group @ Sunriver Realty