Fall is upon us, and for many, it’s a favorite holiday for decorating the home and yard. Pumpkins, spooky halloween decor, deep fall colors, and so much more. We have put together some fun and festive ideas for your home and yard to really give off the fall vibes.

Pumpkins- You can’t go wrong with pumpkins and squash as decoration for inside and outside the home, whether you use real or fake ones. Pick a spot in the house, like on a mantel, or fireplace area, and set up a nice variety of pumpkins, using different sizes, colors and shapes.

Spooky- Halloween is probably the most fun holiday to decorate for, because you can really go all out, and the more decorations the better- especially in the yard for neighbors, trick-or-treaters and those passing by to see. 

Pop of color- You can pick a fall color, like deep mustard yellow, or a cranberry red, and use it as a pop of color in decoration in the living area, or a specific room. You can get candle holders, throw pillows, or fake flowers in the specific color to decorate with, but remember- use it as a pop of color, don’t use it on everything in the room.

Harvest- You can go with a harvest theme that can be used for and well past Thanksgiving. You can buy or make a fake leaf garland for a mantel or counter top. Another festive decoration is a really good centerpiece- check out some centerpiece ideas here ( https://www.bhg.com/decorating/seasonal/fall/fabulous-fall-centerpieces/ )

When in doubt, go online and get some ideas from Pinterest, Instagram, or your favorite magazines, like Better Homes & Gardens , Good Housekeeping, and Real Simple.

Happy Fall!
The Jones Group @ Sunriver Realty