The Profession of Real Estate: Finding the Right Professional

I didn’t start out in real estate. It chose me. The profession of selling real estate is one of the few callings that allow you to be on both sides of the transaction. You can help clients who may have lived in the same house for decades, begin the separation that is selling your home. On the other end, you may find yourself with a young family looking to buy their first home. And on these occasions, I am the conduit between these two strangers.

For me though, the profession of real estate speaks to me. It is more than selling homes or helping people buy homes. It is the ability to be there when the connection is made, when the right house is suddenly in front of the right buyer, when selling a house for the right price in a timely fashion.

So, I thought I’d take a moment to give you some perspective on what it takes to be in real estate. Not because finding the right real estate professional is critical in one of the most important financial transactions you are likely to ever make. It is. Instead, I hope those that aspire to the profession consider it carefully so as not to be the wrong choice for some hopeful buyer or seller.

Not Your Normal Profession

I’d like to think that I make it look easy. It’s not however and at the risk of sounding as if I am blowing my own horn, I thought I would tell all those who aspire to the same profession what they are getting in to and why they need to consider the career change.

There are basically three things you need to be before you can consider this type of career: Commitment, Strength and Connections.


It is true, everyone needs to start somewhere. But how do you judge a real estate agent who is committed to giving you the best service, who will show homes close to your budget and dreams, and who will answer all of your questions with confidence? suggests that the way to determine commitment is to focus on whether the agent is more focused on the sale and less so on the relationship.

Age is not always a good indicator of commitment however. Younger agents will have had to do their due diligence (spending years doing floor time, hosting open houses for other agents, and this is on top of working seven days a week while becoming licensed). Older agents may have lost their zest for the profession and are simply ‘putting in time.’ So how old an agent is should not enter into the equation.

A committed agent is interested in you during, at closing, and after the sale. They know how to use the resources available and create context. They are also available to answer any and all questions you might have.


If an agent is operating from a position of strength, they realize that a sale based on price is not really good business. Making a sale based on the value is. This is difficult for any sales person, particularly a real estate agent. Deals fall apart and agents don’t get paid if that occurs. A good agent, operating from a position of strength will ensure you and s/he are on the same page, that they have what you want (and not what they want) to sell, and are willing to admit they can’t meet all of your criteria.


Connections go beyond referrals, beyond the performance numbers or awards. Connections go beyond knowing the neighborhood. People aspiring to real estate will need more than a (virtual) rolodex. People looking for a real estate agent will be impressed by the referrals, recognition, and accolades. But when you are selling a home, you want someone who will connect with you on a personal level. Someone who shares your goal. This same person will need to connect with the buyer in the same way. One person empathetic to both the buyer and seller who is willing to step beyond normal expectations.

I mentioned this is some previous posts but it can be repeated without issue. At the Jones Group @ Sunriver Realty, we have more than connections; we have the expertise that is needed to connect the right people. Knowing is knowledge, it has been said, but knowing what to do with knowledge is a true skill. We have an extremely strong back office, an excellent feel for the Central Oregon market, and we are your neighbors.

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