The Jones Group Livability Project: To Be a Maven

Our Central Oregon Jones Group Livability Project borrows a concept from the Bend Livability Project – a local effort to identify the needs of a community that is projected to grow faster than the city. While this group is holding meetings to discuss numerous topics in advance of this growth, the Jones Group Livability Project is working in advance on getting the right homes for the people who want to move to this beautiful part of the country.

More than Connections

Malcolm Gladwell, in his book the Tipping Point, discusses what it is like to be a maven. Mavens, by definition, are experts. In a previous post, we discussed our ability to be connectors, joining buyers and sellers to the right professionals that will enable a seamless and stress-free purchase of a home or the sale of a home you already own. But connections alone are not enough, as Gladwell points out. You also need to be a maven.

Adding expertise to connections is not always as easy as it seems, which is why the Jones Group @ Sunriver Realty has identified the best way to combine the two. Consider Paul Revere; better yet, consider Richard Dawes.

Who was Richard Dawes?

Why do you remember the name of Paul Revere and not the other man on the journey that fateful night? Both men were connectors, which means they had developed vast networks. In other words, they knew a great many people across the Boston area. Both men had the same information concerning an imminent British attack. Both men set out to warn the citizens. But only Paul Revere is remembered.

Paul Revere was a maven. Not only did he know everyone, the same as his fellow patriot, his knowledge extended beyond knowing people to knowing who to contact with that knowledge. In other words, Revere knew who would answer the door, who could be relied upon to spread the word, and most importantly, who would be the best to engage in the fight. Dawes did not have the same expertise and his effort, while also noble, has been lost to history.

It is More than Expertise

We pride ourselves in our expertise but we know it takes more than just knowing a particular area. The Jones Group @ Sunriver Realty are mavens. Like all mavens, we seek knowledge for the purpose of sharing it with our clients. The depth of our understanding of Central Oregon places every buyer or seller in a unique position. We are sales-forward professionals focused on “connecting” our vast network in an expert, maven-like way to create an extremely enjoyable customer experience.

Having only connections, as Dawes learned, is not enough. Having a thirst to make the connections connect is what we do best at the Jones Group. With a dynamic front office and unparalleled back office support, we can do for you what no other agency in Central Oregon can do.

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