It’s the season of fresh produce! Whether you shop at your local grocery store, or hit up the farmer’s markets for fresh, local goods, here’s what’s out and you can stock up on now and what you can make with them!

Apples- Starting in the middle of July and going through winter, apples are in abundance. You can make and can apple sauce, apple butter, or fresh sliced apples with cinnamon to enjoy with yogurt or ice cream for months to come.

Apricots- Apricots can be enjoyed fresh, dried or canned. They are also super tasty to grill up when BBQing and eat with homemade biscuits and ice cream for dessert. In season until about September.

Asparagus- Asparagus can be grilled, roasted, or cooked up in a yummy casserole, and is good with just about every meal, depending on who you ask I suppose. In season until August, so get them good and fresh while you can!

Beans- Beans are another veggie, like asparagus, that can be so versatile and work well with just about everything from an egg fratata, to a fresh, crunchy cold salad. In season until about October.

Blackberries- If you buy these at a farmer’s market, you may end up eating them before you even get home, and that’s the best way to enjoy them- fresh on a hot day, but other ways you can enjoy them is made into a jelly or jam, made into syrup for pancakes, and can even be frozen to be used for months to come, just make sure to take any air out of the bags so they don’t get freezer burnt.

Blueberries- Same as blackberries, there’s nothing like fresh, sweet blueberries in the summer, and they can be canned and frozen just like blackberries. Both are in season until about October.

Cherries- These gems have been in season for a couple months now, and are in season until about September, they are so good eaten fresh as a sweet snack, or made into jams or jellies, syrups, canned whole or in halves with their natural juices, and frozen.

Eggplant- In season until about October, eggplant is often a forgotten veggie, or many don’t care for because of how they first tried it, so why not give it another chance? They are great sliced up and grilled with olive oil, salt and pepper, or made into a delicious baba ganoush. 

Tomatoes- A great versatile vegetable that can be made and preserved for many months to come. You can make a big batch of spaghetti or basic tomato sauce and can or freeze, slice and dress up with olive oil, balsamic, basil and mozzarella for fresh summer salads, or cut up and added for just about every meal during the summer. There are large varieties as well as cherry tomatoes, that are easy to take to-go and snack on. In season until about November.

We hope you are enjoying the fresh produce this amazing state has to offer!
The Jones Group @ Sunriver Realty

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