With the new year comes new year resolutions. For many it’s eating healthier, limiting sugar intake, and less caffeine, but for most people who want to make a change coming into 2022, it’s exercising more. Sure, you could go out and get a gym membership, or run around the neighborhood every morning, but why not change it up? By mixing up your workouts and doing different things, you not only will work different parts of the body, but you are less likely to get bored, and will stay more consistent. 

Here are some fun ideas we love, and we know you will too.

Yoga- Yoga is great for the mind, body, and soul, and it’s great for beginners, or those more advanced, depending on what class you pick. With a mix of stretching, mindfulness, and body toning, you will leave feeling stronger mentally and physically- not to mention, more relaxed overall. Because yoga is so popular, it seems that there’s a yoga studio on every corner nowadays, so just Google to see what is nearest your home or work.

Aerial Fitness- Aerial fitness (also called aerial hammock or aerial yoga) is a type of airborne fitness that is practiced in a silk hammock suspended from the ceiling to support your body weight, instead of stretched out across a mat laying on the floor. Classes typically involve yoga, Pilates, dance, and more, which is why most instructors prefer the term aerial fitness or aerial hammock over aerial yoga. Some places you can take classes are Central Oregon Aerial Arts and Tula Movement Arts.

Hot Yoga- Hot yoga is a vigorous form of yoga performed in a very warm and humid studio. … During the Bikram form of hot yoga, the room is heated to approximately 105 F (40 C) and has a humidity of 40 percent. Bikram yoga is a 90-minute program that consists of a series of different standing and stretching postures. If this is something you are interested in trying, you can see if your favorite yoga studio offers hot yoga, or google a spot near you.

Hot Workout Classes- Hot Worx’s unique 3D Training method uses a mix of heat, infrared energy, and exercise to torch the calories. Eliminate toxins with our Isometric Workouts, recover faster thanks to infrared energy, and earn the burn by working out in one of our infrared saunas. In our virtual sessions, you will exercise with a certified Virtual Instructor passionate about fitness to reduce cellulite and burn more calories! See what they offer here.

Zumba- One of the more fun ways to workout, but will have you sweating pretty good by the end of the workout. Some gyms offer Zumba classes with a membership, or search for a Zumba class nearest you.

Swim- A once super popular way to workout, swimming is often forgotten about, but it is not only a great way to workout but it is easy on the joints and is great for a recovering injury. Juniper Swim and Fitness offers open swim many times a week, and The Athletic Club is also a great place to swim, with a membership.

Happy, Healthy New Year!
The Jones Group @ Sunriver Realty