These cooler days and nights have us looking forward to fall- cozy sweaters, pumpkin spice lattes, watching the trees change color, and a big blanket by the fire with a good book.
You may be ready, but are your home and yard ready? Here’s some tips to help with the change of season:

For your yard:

Aerate the Soil– Aerating in the fall is ideal so oxygen, water, and fertilizer can reach roots. You can rent an aerator from your local landscaping company. Some Central Oregon companies are: Hooker creek in Redmond, Central Oregon Lawn Center in Bend, or you can check out Lowes. If you don’t want to do it yourself, call your local landscaper.

Rake Leaves– Keep up on raking, the leaves are much easier to rake while still dry, and it’s better for your lawn to avoid suffocation of grass, as well as breeding of fungal diseases. If you don’t have the time, again, you can call your favorite landscaping company.

Get rid of Weeds– Getting rid of them now can help prevent spreading in the Spring. Go to your local yard maintenance store, such as Ace Hardware or Home Depot and ask a yard care associate what’s best for your yard and area.

Plant Bulbs– This one is fun. Planting bulbs in the Fall is ideal. Go pick out some, get them planted, and come Spring, you can see your hard work pay off with those blooming beauties!

For the Home:

Clean out chimney– The built-up soot from last years burns can be very dangerous to burn again, and can cause a chimney fire if not cleaned out properly. Call your local chimney sweeper and have them come asses it, and clean it out.

Check Detectors– change out batteries for smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, and make sure they are working properly. If old, or not working, buy new ones.

Clean Humidifiers– clean out, or change old filters and clean inside compartments.


Once your yard and home are fall ready, sit back and enjoy the beautiful fall views!

The Jones Group