Fall is (almost) officially here. Why not get a jump start on getting the yard and home fall ready, so when the cooler temperatures hit, you can just sit back with a warm drink and enjoy the new smells in the air and leaves falling. Here are some tips to help get you started.


For the Yard:

Trim Up- With the new growth over the summer, bushes and trees can be trimmed up to avoid damage when the snow hits.

Clean Gutters- Get the gutters cleaned out and repair any weak or damaged spots, and make sure drain spouts are cleared out and draining properly.

Fertilize Lawn- Getting a lawn fertilizer can help prevent winter damage. Go talk to your local lawn expert at a gardening store, or Lowes or Home Depot.

Put away Outdoor Furniture- Find somewhere covered and dry to store outdoor furniture to keep them in good condition.

Rake Leaves- This may be something you are doing all season, but it’s best to keep up on it to avoid damage to your lawn.


For the Home:

Check for roof leaks- You will definitely want to do this before the rain and snow hit and more damage is done, so have a local professional come and check for any damage or leaks and get them fixed.

Check windows and doors for leaks- Make sure there isn’t a draft coming through, and if you can see or feel a leak, some fixes are easy to do yourself. Go to a home store, like Ace, Lowes or Home Depot and they can help you find the right products.

Check devices- Make sure your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are working and have fresh batteries. With the use of gas and wood fireplaces starting up, better safe than sorry!

Air Conditioners- If you have AC units in windows, take them out to avoid cold air getting in through cracks.


We hope this has helped you feel fall-ready, inside and outside the home.

Happy Fall!
The Jones Group