As they say- Plan before you Plant! And that’s exactly what you can be doing now before spring is officially here. It’s still chilly outside, but spring is fast approaching, and you can start making a plan for what plants you want where in the gardens, as well as getting your seeds sprouted so they are big and ready to plant outside once the time is right for them to move outside.

Make a Plan- In a post last spring, we talked about getting your garden notebook ready, and If you don’t have one, get one out and dedicate it to your yard, garden, seeds, and plants. You can walk around the yard and see how much sun each area gets during the day, and plan accordingly. You can jot down what you want to grow, and as you start getting seeds, keep notes. This is also great to have year round as you see plants around town you love and want to grow as well. 

Clean Garden Beds- If you have old dead plants from last year, get those pulled up and get the planting area cleaned up and ready to mix in the new soil or compost, once the time is ready.

Make Raised Beds- If you are wanting to add garden space and create a raised garden bed, you can start building that now. You may want to hold off on adding the soil or dirt to the bed, but at least getting the frame done and out of the way will help once it’s time to plant. Make sure you know what you want to plant in it, and it gets adequate sun for those plants or flowers.

Start Seeds- The fun part! Once you have a plan for what you want to grow and you have the seeds, it’s time to get the seeds sprouted. You can either put one seed in a tiny pot filled with dirt, and be sure to keep the dirt wet at all times, or you can wrap seeds in wet paper towels, and keep that moist at all times, then plant sprout into small dirt pot once sprout is at least an inch long. Keep them In a well-lit, warm area.

Plants- Once the sprouts are growing into plants, you may need to transplant them. If the roots are outgrowing the pot, or the plant is tipping the small pot over, re-plant into a bigger pot filled with dirt. Make sure the soil is filled to the top of the pot  and water in well. Keep them in adequate sunlight or under grow lights, and keep them warm. Once it’s time to plant outside, these should be big enough, and ready to grow outside in the Central Oregon sun!

Happy Planting,
The Jones Group @ Sunriver Realty

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