All of us here in Central Oregon are enjoying fall; the leaves are changing colors, cooler nights by the fireplace, warm apple cider, and pumpkin patches. Unfortunately we know it’s only a matter of time before winter is here, so we’ve put some things together to get your yard and house winter-ready for the snow and freezing temperatures



Put away chairs and yard equipment– Your lawn mower, weed wackers, shovels, flower pots, yard decorations, and patio furniture needs to be covered up with a heavy duty tarp, or put in a garage or shed to protect it from the snow, ice, and freezing wind.

Trim trees– Trim any weak or dying limbs before the snow hits or you could be stuck with building damage from breaking limbs from the heavy snow, ice, or wind.

Cut off outside water– Stop using hoses and sprinklers. Have sprinkler systems blown out by your local landscaping company, and drain any water fixtures in your yard that needs draining.

Chimney repair– Have your chimney swept before starting your fires to avoid the burning of any build-up. You can have your local chimney sweep company do this for you, as well as make sure there are no repairs needing to be done.

Feed Lawn– Now is a good time to feed your lawn for next Spring. Talk to a lawn specialist at Lowe’s or Ace hardware to see what is the best product for your area/lawn type.

Check Roof– Make sure there are no holes, missing shingles, or rust that needs to be repaired before the snow, ice, rain, and wind hit. While you’re up there, clean out gutters because the weight of wet leaves, dirt and snow can cause damage, cracking, even breaking and completely falling down.


Repair cracks-Look (and feel) for any cracks in doorways, windows, and walls. Most of them you can fix with caulking and paint. By doing this, you will not only stay warmer, but save money on your heating bill throughout the Winter.

Tune up furnace– Have your local Heating Specialist come out and make sure everything is working as it should, and the pilot light is on and ready for you to crank up the heat.


Be prepared for Emergency– In the winter, storms and power outages are not uncommon, so make sure you are prepared for a week’s worth of emergency. Some things to have are: gallons of water, nonperishable food, blankets, flashlights and candles, extra batteries, first aid kit, and emergency phone numbers.

Buy winter stuff now– Often when we most need snow removal items at the store such as Ice Melt, snow shovels and blowers, and roof rakes, so does everyone else and they are sold out, so buy them as soon as they are available, you will not regret it!

Stay safe and warm out there!

The Jones Group