I’ve written about the cost return of investing in some minor remodeling to improve the sale price of your home and attract the right buyers. Selling your home often requires some minor remodeling upgrades to increase the value of your home, often at a reasonable cost. Perhaps those upgrades should involve green remodeling.

What is Green Remodeling?

Green remodeling is an approach with an eye towards sustainability, health, and efficiency. The choices of materials used in a home can have long-term impact on the people who occupy the home and because of those choices, for the rest of the world living beyond those walls.

How does a Green Remodel help Sell My Home?

Sarah Susanka, a noted eco-architect suggests that homeowners first consider conducting an energy audit. This information will identify potential sticking points when it comes to setting your price and negotiating the eventual sale. Energy audits typically identify how your home breaths, how efficient your appliances perform, and if those two improvements are identified and addressed, how our planet benefits.

Do Potential Savings Impact a Buyer’s Decision?

While the statistics tend to suggest it will, they are not always specific when it comes to exactly which improvements entice a buyer’s interest. Some of the improvements that should be considered fall in line with the best in staging practices. I have suggested that this can be critical to the sale of home, particularly those homes in older neighborhoods or communities.

Beyond the future cost savings, health benefits, and environmental sustainability, the right choices in products, from non-toxic paint, sustainable wood harvest trim, recycled wallboard and insulation, and increased ventilation are often low-cost improvements that can recoup much of the overall cost at the time of sale. Adding water efficient faucets and plumbing during minor bathroom and kitchen upgrades have also proven to be worth the cost. While a new water heater and furnace may seem like a costly improvement, when done with a focus on green efficiency, buyers seem to appreciate the added value these items contribute to the sales price.

Does a Green Model increase the Sale Potential?

In an older home, these improvements do go a long way in increasing the sales potential of your home. While the seller may not experience the future savings of these improvements, buyers appreciate thoughtful and well-planned upgrades. From a sales perspective, these types of improvements will elevate your home’s selling price without pricing it out of your neighborhood’s price range. Comparable homes without these improvements will give your asking price a bit more support and that can make a huge difference in determining how long your home remains on the market.

We should discuss your plans in advance and consider how these improvements will impact a buyer’s consideration of your property. As I mentioned, the trade-off in dollars invested in the remodel might not translate into a one-for-one return, it will elevate your sales price enough to come close.

Important note: Both Bryce C. Jones & Nola Horton-Jones are NAR GREEN certified.

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