I don’t think any of us Oregonians expected as much snow as we got this week! With businesses and schools closed, it truly felt like snowpocalypse 2.0. But we all know with beautiful snow, there’s some things you need to do to avoid damage to your home, here’s some:


Ice Dams- These can build up when there’s too much snow on the roof and the heat from the house causes the bottom layer to melt and fill gutters with water that freeze. The best way to help these get melted it to use a roof rake and get the snow away from the ledges of the roof, or remove all snow from the roof. If it’s too hard for you to get up there, look up someone locally who can come out and do that. Better safe than sorry!

Clear Away Outdoor Heating Units- Even though these are built to withstand bad weather, it’s best to clear away snow from all 4 sides of outdoor units to ensure it’s working properly and has a longer life.

Keep Gas Meter Cleared- If you have natural gas, keep the meter cleared from being covered in snow, for easy access. These too are meant to withstand the weather, but if for any reason someone needs to come out and check it out, it’s easy to get find.



Try to enjoy the snow while it’s here, go out and have fun! Here’s some fun snow activities for the whole family:

  1. Sledding- Grab your sled and go find some hills in your neighborhood, or check out SHARC’s tubing hill in Sunriver!
  2. Build a snowman- Cause who doesn’t love a good snowman?
  3. Look for animal prints- Here in Central Oregon, especially Sunriver, there’s a ton of wildlife, ranging from raccoons, squirrels, deer, and coyotes. Go find some prints and try to identify them with the kids!
  4. Build a snow fort or igloo- Im sure there’s enough snow already built up in your yard, so just dig it out and make a fun little fort or tunnel.


If you do any of these activities, take a picture and tag us on Facebook or Instagram (jonesgroupre).

Stay warm out there and have fun!
The Jones Group