Flu season is upon us! If you have not been hit yet, you are lucky, especially if you have young children. With the scare of the Coronavirus, people are even more worried about getting sick, so here are some things you can do in your home and while out and about to help keep the bacteria and sickness at bay.

Wash Hands- Now more than any other time of year, it’s important to wash hands frequently, not just after using the restroom. Wash with hot water and soap for at least 20 seconds after: being in public, sneezing or coughing, shaking hands with someone, and after touching door handles that others may have touched.

Carry Wipes- Antibacterial wipes come in handy when you are not able to just go to a sink and wash hands. These are good to keep on your person or in your car, and you can quickly wipe your hands or steering wheel down after being in public or being around others who may be sick. These are also good to keep on you in case you need to use them on your grocery cart, in case they are out.

Carry Sanitizer- Also a good thing to carry with you all the time, but especially when your chances of getting sick are high. Since they are having shortages of this and many stores are out, you can make your own and refill a small container to keep on your person. You can mix aloe and rubbing alcohol with an optional couple drops of essential oil for scent.

Avoid Handshakes- This is one that may come as habit if you are meeting people every day, and is fine if you are able to wash hands after, but it may be best just to try and avoid it. You can bump elbows or politely decline the handshake. I think everyone is in the same boat of not wanting to get sick and will understand.

Cover your Mouth- This is common sense for most, but shockingly, not all. Always cover your mouth when coughing or sneezing, and if you don’t catch it in time, wipe down your area with sanitizing wipes to avoid the transfer of possible bacteria.

Home- Be sure to regularly be cleaning house with a good cleaner. Clean the obvious areas of home, but also spots you might not clean often and forget about like: doorknobs, counters, any handles, and walls that might be touched. If possible on these warmer days, open some windows or doors to allow fresh air in the home.

Stay home- It may be very tough to stay home if sick, but it is best for you to rest, and avoid getting someone else sick. It may be just a basic cold or flu, but if a very young child or elderly person catches it, it could be much worse- better safe than sorry.

Take Vitamins- Especially vitamin C to avoid getting sick and eat healthy foods to keep your immune system strong.

Stay healthy out there!
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Tucked away on a small, quiet cul-de-sac, 8 Balsam Lane is beautifully-constructed Sun Forest home with recent updates. The reverseliving floor plan allows for high, vaulted ceilings with skylights and exposed beams in the great room and master suite plus a view overlooking a private common area towards Mt. Bachelor. Over the last few years the decks and roof have been replaced, hardwood floors were installed and the guest baths were updated.Downstairs there is a second master suite, two more guest bedrooms and another guest bath plus a large, comfortable family room with a second river-rockfireplace and built-in cabinets. This home lends itself perfectly to a full-time owner or the perfect second home for friends and family.


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