Here in Central Oregon, wildfire smoke is a pretty common sight towards the end of the Summer, but how bad is it for your health? It can hurt your eyes, respiratory system, and worsen heart and lung conditions. Here are some ways to protect yourself when the smoke is bad in your area.


Stay Inside– If possible, stay inside or spend very little time out in the smoke. The symptoms of the smoke exposure may not hit you until later, but you can be left with headaches, sore throat, irritated, burning eyes, and sometimes fatigue.

Check Local Air Quality Reports– You can check your area here┬ábefore heading outside to see how bad your area is.

Keep house closed up– Close all windows and doors, keep air conditioner on, if needed, and change filter as directed.

Wear masks– most dust masks are not enough for the smoke, you will need something a little more heavy duty. Check with your local hardware store like Lowes, or Home Depot to see what is best for you.


Clean ash once smoke settles down– If the fires are close, or the wind has been blowing, there is most likely ash on your car, porch, walk ways, and yard. The ash can be a hazard for your lungs and body, so be sure to clean or wash it off surfaces dusted with it.



Be safe and smart about your health,

The Jones Group