It’s Road Trip Season! With restrictions being lifted in most states, and the weather being so nice, everyone is ready to get out and enjoy the open road again. Here are some essentials you don’t want to forget on your next road trip.

Snacks- Seems obvious right? We often grab snacks at the first gas station stop and fill up on all the things we later regret buying so much of. While it’s great to have a bag of chips and a Slurpee, it’s also a good idea to stock up ahead of time, bring a cooler with ice, and fill it with things like: fresh fruit, snackable veggies (pre-cut and bagged up), pre-made sandwiches, and any other homemade snacks and meals your family loves, Having these at the ready allows for eating healthier, saving money by not stopping for every meal at truck stops, and feeling better overall while sitting for long periods of time. Also, don’t forget about the water! Buy a case and load the cooler as needed, or fill reusable bottles for each family member at rest stops and gas stations.

SPF- You will probably already have the sunscreen packed, but don’t forget to be applying it as if you were sitting out in the sun all day. While you may be inside the car, those UV rays are still hitting your body and doing damage.

For the kids- Bring plenty of activities for the kids to keep them busy and happy, because enjoying the scenery is probably not as satisfying for them, as it is for you. Bring things like music with headphones, a portable DVD player to watch movies on, coloring and activity books, and some of their favorite toys. You can also play the classic car ride games, like spotting things that are certain colors, the license plate game (extra points for finding one from another country) or going through the ABC’s and spotting things that start with all the letters of the alphabet.

Chargers- Make sure you have phone chargers accessible, and can use them in the car. As well as good navigation apps, just in case you don’t know the area or are lost.

Hand Sanitizer, TP, Emergen-C- There may be many potty stops, so be sure to have a roll or two of toilet paper, hand sanitizer or a water jug and hand soap to thoroughly wash hands. Emergen-C for when you use that not to clean rest stop bathroom and can hear the person in the next stall coughing and blowing their nose, only to get out and wash their hands right next to you- better safe than sorry! It’s also good to take daily to keep up your vitamins to help you stay healthy on your trip.

Tylenol- It seems that you always get a headache when it’s the least convenient, and you happen to have no extra Tylenol or ibuprofen on your person, so stock up before leaving home, or remember to grab a travel pack at the first gas station stop. At the first sign of a headache, take a couple to prevent it from getting worse and ruining your trip- there’s nothing worse than being stuck in a stuff car with a headache. But remember, a good way to prevent headaches is to keep up on hydration and switching with another driver every few hours. 

Get Comfy- Bring blankets, comfy clothes to wear, and maybe even slippers just for the car. Being comfortable makes sitting in the car for long periods of time much easier to deal with.

Emergency Kit- You never know what can happen. Always be prepared with: a first aid kit, flashers and reflective signs in case of a flat tire at night, blankets, plenty of water and snacks, and a satellite phone in case you get stranded where you have no service and investing in a Road Side Assistance plan to help keep those emergency costs down.

Take precautions- While restrictions are lifting, COVID-19 and its variants are still impacting states and counties heavily. Remember to follow CDC guidelines by masking up when indoors and keeping 6-feet from other families or groups when exploring. 

Get out there and adventure this summer!

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