During the winter, our houseplants tend to be forgotten about, with the holidays taking up so much of our time and energy. Here are some tips on how to keep your houseplants happy and thriving during these cold months.

Watered- This may seem obvious, but it’s very common to one day realize you can’t remember the last time your plants have been watered, because of how busy you have been. Set a reminder on your phone, or write it in your calendar for every week to get them watered. It may also not seem as necessary to water every week, since the heat isn’t sucking the water out of them, like in the summer months, but plants need to be kept on a schedule to stay happy, even if you are watering them a little less, just be sure to stay consistent.

Dead Foliage- Any time you see a dead leaf on a plant, clip it off with a pair of scissors, but once a month, get your plant trimmed up well, by taking in the shower, clip off any dead or dying branches and leaves, and get the plant trellised up with bamboo sticks or plant stakes if tipping over.

Transplant- If a plant is outgrowing their pots, get them put in a bigger pot with some nutrient-rich soil. Be sure to water in well after. This is a great time to vamp up the plant area with a new decorative pot to put the plant in. You can also add some moss around the base of the plant, on top of the soil, to add a little extra greenery- but don’t add moss if the plant needs very little water, as it can keep woo much moisture in the soil.

Fertilize- Because plants, even indoors, are not growing in the winter months, like they do in the spring and summer, it’s not necessary to fertilize in the winter months. If you do, and have a favorite fertilizer, do it very sparingly, or if you want to buy some, you can get help from your local plant center or nursery, and they can point you in the right direction. If they do not recommend you fertilize in the winter, you can at least get fertilizer for the spring, that way you are ready to go for the warmer upcoming months.

Give Light- Make sure your houseplants are in a good spot to get plenty of light, which can be hard on these short winter days. Think about moving them to a south facing window, if they are not already, or put under fluorescent bulbs if there’s just not enough natural light in the house.

Keep Warm- Make sure your plants are staying nice and warm. If they are right up against a window to get light, they might get a little cold, so keep a heater in the room to make sure they don’t fall too low in temp.

Humidity- It is dry all year round in Central Oregon, but can be especially dry in the winter here, so if you have plants that require a little more humidity, like tropical plants, keep them warm and misted regularly, or consider getting a humidifier for the room, that can drastically help them.

Your plants will thank you come spring and summer when they are thriving, and growing like crazy, because of the care they got this winter.

Happy Growing!
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