These summer days are heating up! And if you’re hot, imagine how your fur-covered dog feels. Here are some tips to help keep your dogs cool in this heat.


Car Rides- Only take your dog for a car ride if you are not planning to leave them alone. The temperature in the car rises faster than we think, which can cause your dog to overheat in just a matter of minutes, and in some cases, cause death.

Walks- If you can’t put your hands on the ground for more than a few seconds, it is way too hot for your dog to be walking on it, so wait until it cools down in the evening, or go for walks in the morning before it really heats up.

Haircut- If you’re not one to cut your dog’s hair in the summer, give it a try! It can help tremendously to keep their body temperature down a little, without taking all of their hair off, just a trim is good.

Go to Water- Even if your dog doesn’t love the water, or jump in on their own, taking them down to the river, or a stream so they can dip their feet in will do them wonders in the heat. Taking a toy or ball to throw out in the water can sometimes get them in a little deeper than they normally go. If you’re worried about your dog’s swimming in somewhat deeper water, you can get your pup a life jacket, just to be safe.

Keep Inside- We all want to take our dogs everywhere with us, but if you’re not sure if you need to run errands, or if it’s just too hot, stay safe and just leave the pup at home, they would thank you if they could.

Water and Shade- If your dog is outside most of the day, make sure there is plenty of shade for them to lay and relax in, and of course make sure they have more than enough water to drink.

Sunburn- If your dog has short hair, they can get a sunburn, just like us. They make sunscreen just for dogs, never use your own sunscreen on them.

Heatstroke- If you think your dog has heatstroke, take to an emergency vet clinic right away. Here are some signs of heatstroke: Heavy Panting, Excessive Drooling, Balance Problems, Bright Red or White Gums, and if it’s advanced: Labored Breathing, Lethargy, or Vomiting.


Remember to stay safe with your pup this summer, they can’t tell you when it’s too hot.
The Jones Group