As a continuation of or New Year’s Resolutions blogs, we have a fun, easy to start, and continue for the year idea we think you will love. It’s all about month-to-month goals. We tend to want to start a whole new life when the new year hits- start exercising daily, no carbs, no sugar, no alcohol, but those never end up sticking with us for more than maybe a month and we are back to square one. So we are recommending doing 1 month at a time for one do-able thing, all year. 

Part of the fun is creating a plan, and writing them down for each month on a calendar, and figuring out exactly what will be beneficial to you, but here are some ideas to help get you started.

Daily Stretch- Something that can take anywhere from 5-20 minutes, but is so important for the body, especially when done daily. Grab a cup of coffee, roll out your yoga mat, and get stretching every morning. If you have no idea where to start, you can watch YouTube videos to follow, or just move your body in ways that feel good. You will start to notice you feel less tight throughout the day and are more limber, and you body will feel better when doing any other any types of exercise or movement. You can plan it on your calendar that each week you work on different parts of the body, if you are crunched for time, or just every day, get in a nice, whole body stretch. 
Another option is daily yoga, which you can also look up YouTube videos to follow along to.

No Sweets- Because the no-sugar resolution usually fails us, because there’s sugar in practically everything, start with a month of no sweets. It’s easy after dinner to reach for the cookies or ice cream, but stock the house with healthier alternatives to reach for, like yogurt with honey and fruit, a smoothie, or dark chocolate bits with fruit. You will start to crave sugar less and eventually realize you don’t even want the cookies like you use to, plus, without the sugar crashes, you will have more energy.

Limit Alcohol- If you are feeling like you need a break, and 30 days is not too much, take the whole month, but for many, it may be simply limiting your alcohol intake to ONE glass of wine at the end of the night, instead of 2-3, or telling yourself no drinking during the week, and allow a couple glasses Friday- Sunday. Again, this will be tailored to you, and what is reasonable, but after the holidays, of overeating and drinking, taking a break always sounds good this time of year, so cut back- your body and mind will thank you!

Move your Body- With most gyms being closed down, getting a good workout in right now may be hard, but if you start setting time aside 2-5 times a week to get your body moving, it will be easier to stick to. Write it down every day of the week you have a free 10-30 minutes, and just get moving, even if it’s simply a walk around the block while eating your sandwich during your lunch, or once you get home from work, take the dog for a brisk walk. You will notice you have more energy, and want to keep up with it, and your mood overall will improve. I’ll bet you can even get your coworkers to join you on your walks, so everyone in the building will be feeling better.

We hope this has given you some ideas to get started for a healthier, and more importantly, HAPPIER 2021.

Happy, Healthy New Year!
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