Moving with Pets

Moving with pets can be very stressful for pet, as well as owner. Here are some tips to make it a little easier during the travel and getting adapted to the new home.


Contact your Vet– Take your pet’s records, and any medications they may need. Also see if they can recommend a vet in your new area.

Keep them away from the move– Animals can get stressed during the commotion of moving, so if possible, dedicate a room for them away from it all, or see if a friend or family member can take them for a day or two.

Move them last– Make sure they are the last to go, and let them ride in the car with you to avoid stress.

Don’t let them out until you are there– They can get lost easily, or run away, so make sure to keep them in the car until you have arrived to your new home.

For cats– once there, keep them inside for a few days before letting them out. They need to get use to their new surroundings, and the scents of their new home and yard.

Update Info– make sure you update microchips and tags with new home info, and find a new vet, if you have not already been recommended to one in your area. If you are in the Sunriver area, we recommend Sunriver Vet Clinic.

Make them feel at Home– give them something familiar, like a toy, and give them plenty of love and attention!

Enjoy your new home together!

The Jones Group