On the Waterfront: What Home Buyers Need to Know

Buying a waterfront home may be high on your wish list. Often home buyers are blinded by the picturesque views, the sweeping crystal blue water under azure skies, and of course, the prestigious address. But there are many things waterfront home buyers should be aware of before they begin the search, and even more questions they should ask once they decide living by the water’s edge is something they cannot live without.

So, what is meant by waterfront? In Central Oregon, this can mean life along the river or lake, natural or man-made. Both present distinct opportunities to get you close to the water’s edge. There are numerous homes available and each come with unique characteristics. So you have to ask yourself some questions to determine what you expect from a property labeled “waterfront.”

Which is more important: The house by the water or the water access living nearby will provide? Premium waterfront properties are often older homes that come with a higher than market price for a similarly sized home not located near the water. It is the location that is commanding the price. Are you willing to make compromises when it comes to the house for the access it grants?

Waterfront descriptions often exclude how the water is accessed. Idealistic pictures of gentle waves lapping up to a sandy beach are often what you envision when you think of waterfront. But the reality might be much different. You may have nothing more than a view from your porch even if you own the land right up to the water’s edge.

You may not have rights to the land at the water’s edge. And if you do, what is the water like? Can you fish in it? Can you swim in it? Are mosquitoes an issue? If it is a lake, you will want to know the depth and something about the history of the area? Droughts can impact where the beach begins and rainier-than- normal seasons can bring the water’s edge closer to your home than you might like. Rivers and moving water can be impacted by the weather as well but man-made problems such as dams or manufacturing upstream can change the dynamic of the property without any forewarning. Bodies of water can create different weather conditions and wind can be a factor as well.

None of these considerations is intended to discourage you from getting the property you really want. What I hope it does is give you an opportunity to narrow your focus so when we meet, you will know what you are willing to accept in return for the perfect view. I have the right home for you and I’m confident we can find the property that fits all of your criteria.

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