Have you gotten the itch to organize, clean, and get rid of stuff around the house lately? If so, you’re not alone! Not sure if it’s the colder weather creeping through Central Oregon lately, or getting prepared to hunker down for Fall, but we’ve got you covered with some tips and tricks to help you get started.

Pull Everything Out-
If you have seen Marie Kondo and her tricks for organizing, you know how important this method is. Whether it’s clothes, or a messy Tupperware cabinet, pull it all out. It helps put into perspective how much of that one thing you have, and it allows you to go back and look through and hold each individual item and decide what you really need or don’t need. Check out Marie Kondo online here or check her out on Netflix on ‘Tidying up with Marie Kondo.’ Her methods will change your perspective on excess junk you have around the house and don’t need.

What to Keep- Keep only what you REALLY need, or has sentimental value. If it’s something you want to keep, but don’t use regularly, think about storing in a Rubbermaid in the attic or storage. If clothes have been hanging for at least 8 months without being touched, you probably won’t use them, and it’s time to donate.  Just remember, if you LIKE an article of clothing, someone out there might LOVE it, and could be put to better use.

Deep Clean- Having windows and doors open all summer can bring in all sorts of dust, spiderwebs, and more. Once you have started pulling everything out to look through, now’s the time to get back there, and really deep clean those spaces. Vacuum, wipe down walls, and don’t forget to look up, and dust any corners in your house that need it. Once you have started organizing (step below) you can decide to keep that space open, or put organized items back.

Organization- Once you have decided what to get rid of or donate, you will need to organize what you are keeping. Really get specific with this step, with keeping like things together. You can buy cabinets or shelving units for bigger items, and small containers for smaller stuff, like items in drawers. If you have a lot of small items together, like craft stuff, or office supplies, think about getting a label maker for the containers they are being stored in. It will make things MUCH easier and hassle-free.

De-Clutter- Even stuff that is organized, or never needed to be looked through may just not do it for you or your home anymore, so think about clearing space, or switching up furniture. Sometimes a furniture swap can make a room feel brand new. Get rid of any excess stuff laying around, or wall hangings that seem to clutter up the room that you’ve just gotten use to.

Sit Back and Enjoy-
It’s shocking how much better you can feel after getting rid of stuff! It not only makes your home less cluttered, but can help un-clutter your mind and take a weight off your shoulders. So sit back and enjoy what will feel like a whole new home, you deserve it!


We hope this has influenced you to tidy up your home and get rid of extra stuff you have no use for anymore.

Happy cleaning,
The Jones Group