If you have been on a yard work frenzy, you are not the only one. Not only is it spring with nicer, warmer weather, but with most of us either working less, or working at home, we all want to be digging our hands in some soil, and getting our yard and garden summer-ready. Here are some plants you can plant in the yard, garden, pots lining the patio, or hanging baskets that are good for our dry, hot and dry Central Oregon climate.

Lavender- Not only does lavender smell oh so good, it is pretty, and does well in full-sun areas, and can endure the heat. Prepare for it to come back year after year, and spread, so wherever you plant it, make sure it has room to grow.

Succulents- Succulents are so easy, because they barely need to be watered, and like sunny areas. They can also be planted in pots or areas with other short plants, as they have such small roots, and will not overtake plants around them.

Miniature Roses- Another low-maintenance plant that loves the heat. With these, plant somewhere they can really stretch out, and have space to grow. You can cut them during the year and have fresh flowers for your home.

Sunflower- If you have never grown sunflowers, you will be shocked at how easy they are. They require watering every day to every other day during the summer, but at the end of the year, they will drop seeds, and new ones will pop up next year, with even more to grow the next year. Don’t plant anything around the base of these that will require a lot of sun, as they may get blocked by the big sunflower heads.

Geranium- Geranium smells so good, and has the most beautiful blooms. You can plant this one in a pot, have it outside on the porch all summer, then bring it in for the winter for an indoor house plant to brighten up an area that gets plenty of light.

Petunias- These are a great plant for hanging baskets, as they don’t get too tall, and can be planted with other plants and flowers, but they look beautiful grown alone and can grow during the summer. Mix and match with colors if planting with others… you will NOT be disappointed!

Dianthus- These are very similar to the petunias in the way that they grow wonderfully with other flowers, and also can be so pretty alone, or with room to stretch in a garden. They also are fun to mix and match with different colors. They look so pretty in a fresh flower arrangement for the home.

All of these can be found in either plant start form, or in seed form at your local garden store.

Happy spring, and happy growing!
The Jones Group @ Sunriver Realty