For many people, leaving a vacation home vacant for part of the year can be a bit stressful, but it shouldn’t be. Here’s some things you can take care of to know your home is safe and sound.


Talk to your Neighbors- Make sure to tell your neighbors when you are leaving, and leave some information for them on where you’re going, and how you can be reached. If you trust them, give them a spare set of keys to the house, in case of emergency.

Invest in Security Cameras-
With the advancement of technology, security cameras can be pretty affordable, easy to install, and most connect straight to your cell phone or computer, so you can take a peek any time of day. Best of all, most home security alarm systems now have security camera packages. Talk to your local tech or security advisor (Best Buy, Brinks Home Security, ADT) for your best options.



Cancel Mail and Package Delivery- Or change address to where you will be. This avoids theft of your mail or packages. You can do this at your local Post Office.

Hire a Gardener/Landscaper- It’s best to schedule this ahead of time to have them do yard maintenance while you are gone. Not only is it best for your yard, but it gives the appearance of people living there.

Set Automatic Light Timers- Have the lights come on in the evening, and off in the morning. This is a good way to avoid a break-in/theft. It gives the appearance that you are home. These timers can be purchased at most stores.

Don’t Post on Social Media- Tell only people you know that you are leaving, even if your profiles are private, you would be shocked at the information people can find out about you, including where you live.

Make Sure Everything’s Locked Up and Closed- Make sure all windows and doors are closed and locked, even small animal doors.


Get Rid of Spare Keys- If you have any hiding outside, bring them in. If you are having someone come and check on the house periodically, give them a set of keys, instead of a hide-a-key.



We hope this helps  take the stress out of leaving your seasonal home for any amount of time.
Best Travels,

The Jones Group