The Psychology of Selling Your Home: A View from the Middle

Selling your home is not about me. Believe it or not, I play a relatively minor role in the process. But what I can contribute to the effort, while technical in nature, also tends toward the psychology of selling. The effort of selling your home requires a meeting of minds. So I thought I would give you a few insights on how I will approach the sale of your home.

Home Buyers and Home Sellers are Emotional

Of course they are. They are after all, people. And for these people, whether they are buyers looking for a home or sellers with a home to sell, find stripping the emotional underpinnings of the process as incredibly difficult. Buyers buy emotionally and when sellers price their home, the same emotion comes into play. Sometimes the emotion expressed during the transaction has little to do with the transaction, itself, but rather the concurrent “life” factors that any and all of us are working through at any given time.

Emotions Backed by Facts

This depends on the ongoing justification of their ego. Keep in mind, ego means self and your concerns as a buyer or seller should always be front and center. But the emotional nature of finding the right house requires a list of facts to support your instant infatuation. As a seller, finding the right price that is devoid of emotional input will need to rely on facts as well.

Then There is Value

The value you place on a home, either as a buyer or seller must come from a point of flexibility. Value in itself is not fixed. A bidding war on a property might give a seller the impression that the home was underpriced rather than the higher-than- expected value potential buyers placed on the home. The same is true in reverse when buyers don’t share the same “value” as the seller.

People Love to Buy

That may be true, but people can’t be forced to do so. If you are selling your home, you are not really selling the building; you are selling the experience, the warm fuzzy feeling that can’t always be described, the vision of the buyer seeing themselves and their family dwelling within the four walls. Sellers should never attempt to coerce a buyer and a good agent will ensure that the buyer is being helped or assisted in the process.

People are Suspicious

This is natural and should not be seen as anything but an opportunity to offer clarity. Sellers need to be honest and forthcoming with the person representing them, which in turn allows the agent to create a level of trust that benefits every party.

The View from the Middle

As a broker, I know that people like to see beyond the façade. Although sometimes they do not look much further than the justification for their decision. If the seller has presented an honest portrayal of the property and the buyer feels good about what they are experiencing, the process will benefit all parties.

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