He Said: “Let’s Sell Our House!” Do You See What I See?

As long as I have known him, he has been plotting the sale of their house. For as long as I’ve
known her, she has been asking the same question: “Where would we go?” For nearly every
home buying situation, there is a home selling situation. But this is not the easiest decision to
make. So I thought I’d take a moment to discuss this difference that is present in so many home
buying situations and explore the ways to close the gap when someone says: “Let’s sell our
While they seem to complement each other in so many ways, including finishing each other’s
sentences, they differ drastically when it comes to real estate. His reasons for selling may not be
based in emotions while her reasons for not selling may be based on the emotional attachment to
the home.
Do you see what I see? It is not as obvious as it might seem. He has watched the value of the
home climb over the thirty years they have owned their home. That is well over the average time
of home ownership. Typically, homes are bought and sold within a five to ten year span. So what
makes a couple keep a home for longer, often much longer?
His push to sell is built on the main reasons people make the decision. Often it is equity, the
difference between what was paid for the home and the potential selling price. The equity is
imagined and is usually not based on not much more that some back-of- the-napkin calculations.
This math is often missing the some crucial factors, including taxes and insurance paid when the
mortgage payment is made, the upkeep the house has received, and the costs of any
improvements that have been made. The other critical element in determining the real equity in
the home is something we refer to as comparables. Without knowing the retail prices of other
homes in the neighborhood, based on similarity, selling prices and the length of time the house
was on the market, a clear figure is just a guess. And it is often an optimistic one.
Truth be told, they would have done quite well selling their home in almost any year since they
owned it. Over the thirty years they have owned their home, the price has steadily appreciated
and was never negatively impacted by the housing crisis.
But now, the odds of selling their home is in his favor. Time and their age will present new
reasons to consider selling their home. The house might be too large. The neighborhood may
have changed. They may have retired or are about to retire. They may want to move closer or
farther away from family.
But those reasons still don’t answer the question she has asked: “Where would we go?”
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