Winter is Coming: Selling During the Slowest Months

The famous line uttered by Ned Stark, patriarch of the Game of Thrones family is designed to offer a warning and advice to be vigilant. Winter is coming and if you live in Central Oregon, those words have a much different meaning. But what about home sellers looking to move? Should you even consider listing your home for sale during the slowest months?

Selling your home during the slowest months requires different strategies. The median sale price for a home falls in the winter months in part because there are fewer homes on the market, even if as we have noted in previous posts, the current year has seen some of the tightest inventories on record. So I thought I’d take a look at some of the things a seller can do if they are considering selling their home during the slowest months.

There are five basic steps you should take that vary only slightly from your efforts to sell your home during the rest of the year.

One: Make It Cozy

This will involve raising the overall home temperatures slightly to give your guests the warmth they imagine. This is no time to be frugal. This can be as simple as throwing a fashionable afghan over the sofa, firing up the fireplace, hanging plush robes in the bathroom, or even serving warm cider.

Two: Keep It Clean

The brighter the interior, the better your chances are at selling the home. Potential buyers will give you a pass on the dreary day outside if the inside of your home is not well lit. Clean the windows and dust every nook and cranny. Turn on every light, pull back every window dressing, and make sure the focus is on a welcoming atmosphere.

Three: Keep It Accessible

If it is raining, be sure to provide a mat at the entrance and a place to put umbrellas and coats. If it is snowing, be sure that the walkways are clear and sanded – and this includes easy access from their car. The exterior should look like a Hallmark card. If you decorate for the holidays, keep it tasteful and simple and secular. You want people to see themselves in the house and this first impression is just as important in the winter months.

Four: Make It Feel Nice

People have all sorts of definitions for this but several things are key. Keep the scents to a minimum and steal some staging tips from a home decorating magazine. Soft music and a few seasonal floral arrangements give guests that feel-good feeling.

Five: Take Some Photos

Your realtor should have some pictures of what you home looks like during various seasons. It will give them an opportunity to see what sort of plants to expect come spring and summer and will allow them to make plans. It is difficult to imagine a well-manicured lawn when there is a foot of snow on it.

It is true that winter is coming, but your buyer may just arrive with it.

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