Spring is here, and with the warmer weather, everyone is wanting their home and yards looking good. We have put together some DIY projects you can do around the home and yard to freshen up for summer.



Fix a Patchy Lawn- If grass is still growing, you can start by trying a fertilizer special for grass, and be sure it gets enough water, early morning  is best. If you don’t see results after a few weeks to a month, you might want to get some grass seed and top soil, and try re-seeding those patchy areas. If you do a soft till on the area, and spread the seed around, covered by the top soil, you will see best results. Here in Central Oregon, the mix of how dry it is here, and the heat, soil dries out fast, so just remember to water, water, water!

Banging Cabinets- If your cabinets bang loud when you close them, it’s a simple fix. At any home supply store, you can buy little round peel and stick bumpers that you can place on the inside of the cabinet, preferably at the bottom of the cabinet.

Cover Up Wall or Ceiling Stains- You can buy a spray that is actually for sealing water stains for ceilings in bathrooms, for example. But sometimes a nice fresh coat of paint around the house is just what you didn’t even know you needed to freshen up for spring.

Fill In Tile Cracks- Over time the tile in your bathroom, kitchen, or wherever else you have it, will start to crack. This can happen for many different reasons, including: exposure to water or heat, damage from us (especially in the kitchen), and just old, every day wear and tear. The solution is simple- Caulk. You can get a can of it and a caulk gun at most home supply stores. You just assemble it, squirt in cracks, and smooth out with finger. If it’s a painted area, you can use caulk, and paint over.

Un-Clog Drains- With the build-up of hair in the bathroom, and food in the kitchen sink, un-clogging sinks is useful every few months. You may not even know how slow your sink or bathtub/shower is draining until you un-clog it, and that can be a very simple fix. Try buying a hair remover from any home supply or plumbing store. It’s a small piece f plastic with small spikes pointing upwards, so it doesn’t get caught when pushing down a drain, but will pull up anything stuck. If this doesn’t work, try Draino or any other type of drain un-clogging liquid.

Loose Knobs- Sometimes we can go months, even years without fixing a loose knob that we touch every day, but the fix for these is simple. You can either use a screw driver to tighten from the backside, or that still isn’t working, you can unscrew front part of the knob and use a thread adhesive.

Fix Wobbly Furniture- If a chair or table is wobbly, you can use one or two of the peel-and-stick cabinet bumpers on the leg that is shorter than the others. Problem fixed!

Change/Clean Out Air Conditioner Filters- Don’t wait until it’s over 100 degrees to do this, just get it taken care of! Some need to be replaced, and some just need to be taken out, cleaned and put back in. With the dry dust in the air here in Central Oregon, these filters fill up with dirt fast.


We hope this got you in the mood for some DIY projects, Happy Spring!
The Jones Group


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