Spring is upon us here in the High Desert! Here are some tips to get you started in the garden;

Before Planting:


Clean your greenhouse
Sweep out any plant debris on the floor and benches and disinfect with a hot solution of garden disinfectant such as Jeyes Fluid. Make sure you disinfect the inside of the glass too – overwintering pests and disease can survive in the smallest nooks and crannies.


Clear up flower beds and borders
Have a general tidy up and remove leaves and other debris from your flower borders, lawns and ponds. Add a new top layer of soil and mix with old dirt/soil.

Trim old plants
Plants that survived the winter will need to be pruned so they’ll grow anew in the spring.   Blooming plants should be pruned right after they bloom to avoid cutting off future flowers. Summer plants should be pruned in early spring.

Now that your area is ready for planting, here’s some tips to ensure a flawless garden;

Give them Space
Whether you’re planting seeds, small, or medium sized plants, always to remember to give them about 6-12 inches in between, depending on what you’re growing.

Give them Support
If they are vertical growing plants, give them something for support. For example, tomato cages, bamboo sticks, or wood trellises.

Pick the right location
Make sure your plants have enough, or little light, depending on what the plant is. Tomatoes love sun, and lots of it, so somewhere it will see sun most of the day is best for them.

Here in the High Desert, it’s hot and sunny most of the summer, so don’t forget to water! Even a little bit every day for the plants in direct sun will keep them happy. Just remember not to soak the leaves if it’s hot out, you don’t want to burn them!


Happy Gardening from all of us here at the Jones Group