If you are thinking about selling your home in the Spring, now is the time to get it ready. We will help give some ideas of what you need to do to get the most money for your Home.



Make sure furnace is working properly– Call your local heating specialist to come take a look at your home’s heating source, or if you have a fireplace, have it cleaned as well as the chimney.

Update tiles/bricks– If any grout needs to be replaced, it’s easy enough to do it yourself. Go talk to a specialist at Lowes  or Home Depot  to see what products are best for your home repairs.

Repaint– Paint in neutral tones to keep it simple. It’s easier for the potential buyer to envision what colors they want to paint in the future.

Clean up scuffs– Clean baseboards, walls, and doors, and if needed, paint over those areas. If you don’t have time, hire someone to come clean. (Sometimes they see messes we are use to in our home).

Fix Hardware– You may have loose door or cabinet handles that need tightening. Also, check for any light bulbs that are out or need to be replaced and do so.


Sprinkler system– If the sprinkler system is not working properly, have it fixed before the snow hits.

Grass/lawn– Fertilize now, it will look better come Spring.

Water Features– If you have a fountain or pond, fix any issues before it snows, that way in the Spring, it will be ready to go when showing the house.

Staging the Home

De-Clutter– Keep the home tidy and de-cluttered. Put extra stuff away in storage bins when you are planning on showing the Home.

De-Personalize- Potential buyers need to visualize themselves in this Home, not you and your family, so put away anything that is too personal-pictures, your child’s drawings, and put clothes away and out of sight.

Clean, clean, clean- We can’t stress this enough! Baseboards, window areas, and corners of ceilings where spider webs may be hanging out that you don’t notice daily. If you don’t have the patience or time, hire someone.

Where to Focus- Focus on staging in main rooms, and rooms that have the most potential, like living areas, kitchen, and master bedrooms. That doesn’t mean don’t clean all rooms, it just means put more focus on the main rooms.

Natural Light- Nothing says bright and fresh like natural light, so open those blinds and let the light in!

First Impressions- Make sure the front yard and walk way up to the front door are clean and tidy. Throw out any old flowers, pots, leaves, or decorations, and replace with new, bright flowers or plants.

Re-Arrange Furniture- Try and open every area of the house as much as possible, even if that means moving the couch and recliner a little bit. People need to be able to navigate around the house without furniture being in the way. If you have any extra furniture hanging out around the house, think about putting it out of sight, or in storage.


Whether you are just thinking about it, or you are ready to take the jump, we would love to help you through the process. Give us a call at (541) 420-3725, or fill out our contact sheet online here.

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