Summer is here, and If you started growing a garden, it’s probably time to keep up with the maintenance of it to achieve maximum growth, flowers, fruits and vegetables, depending on what you have decided to grow this year. We are going to give you some tips that will help you achieve the best garden for summer/ fall 2020!

Clip off Dead Leaves- Keeping up on clipping off dead leaves will help growth on the rest of the plant. They are typically towards the bottom of the plant or in more dense parts of the plant. Clip with scissors or garden clippers at the bottom of the leaf stem right up against stalk of the plant.

Check for Bugs- There are many different bugs and critters that can get on your plants, some doing serious damage, or even killing whole crops. Look for small holes in leaves, and small bugs crawling on the stalks, leaves, even under leaves, so be thorough! You may even need a magnifying glass or glasses to see them, but even the smallest bugs can do serious damage. If you have noticed bugs, the next option is identifying them, and there are a few options for that. One option is to go out and buy a bug and pest book, which has pictures and ways to get rid of them. The next option is go online and google the bugs. There are many different websites and bloggers that will most definitely be able to identify them and give advice for getting rid of them. The last option is going to your local garden store and talking to a plant expert about what you have seen, and the products you will need to rid your garden of the bugs. Some options for getting rid of bugs are: organic natural sprays, homemade sprays, and even using predatory bugs to eat the bad bugs killing your plants. Be aware that even if only one plant has bugs, make sure to take care of them before they spread to the rest of the plants.

Fertilizer- Whether you are just trying to make your plants grow bigger, or help with the bulbs and vegetables or fruits get bigger, there are many different fertilizer options to help your garden. Again, you can either go online and do some research, or go to a garden store and talk to a specialist about what’s best for your specific plants.

Trellis- Once the plants start getting bigger, they can start to fall over, or spread out, and they need to be propped up. For plants like tomatoes, there are tomato cages that help confine the plant and make it easier for plant maintenance. For plants like beans and hops that spread and like to grow up, give them something to grow up, like a lattice fence, gate, or a tall garden decoration you can get at a garden store.

Clear Base of Plants- If some leaves have fallen at the base of the plant, it’s okay to keep a small amount there to help keep the moisture in the soil, but be sure there is no mold growing under it, as that can affect the roots and growth of the plants. Having too much foliage on the ground can also attract bugs, so keep an eye out, and clear out as needed.

We hope this has given you some new info and the motivation to get your hands and feet dirty in the garden.

Happy Growing,
The Jones Group @ Sunriver Realty

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