February 20th is Love your Pet Day; here are some ideas for giving your pets some extra love and attention for their special day:


  1. Love Shelter Pets – Volunteer at a local shelter, or sign up to foster an animal. If you don’t have the time, consider donating to local shelters.
  2. Give extra attention – Take your dog for a walk, or take them to the dog park to play with other dogs. Play with your other animals a little longer, or let them roam.
  3. Give them treats –Bring home your pet’s favorite treats, or look up DIY treats to make at home.
  4. Bring home a new toy –Buy your pet a fun new toy to play with, or again, DIY toys can be fun and easy to make, made with extra love.
  5. Keep them healthy – Always stay up to date with veterinary check-ups for your pets, and keep up with vaccinations, to give them long, healthy lives.