Staging your home showcases your home’s best assets to potential buyers. Here’s some tips that are sure to impress whoever tours your home:

Make exterior look good-First impressions are vital. Make these potential buyers fall in love with your home from the street by adding potted plants and flowers, power-washing patios and walkways, weeding the garden and mowing the lawn.

Clean, Clean, CleanPay close attention to detail-mop, dust, vacuum, wash windows, and clean baseboards. Remember, people will look in your cupboards, under your sinks and in your closets, so make sure everything is spotless.

Neutral Colors- You may love bright colors around the house, but it could be a turn-off to potential buyers, so go with more neutral colors for paint, and drapes. Also, neutral colors can open up space, to make a rooms appear larger.

De-Clutter- Excessive personal items like photos, collections, personal awards, electronics and collectibles will make it difficult for buyers to see past your personal style and may deter a sale.

Make RepairsRepair squeaky doors, chipped or smudged paint as well as broken fixtures and fittings that you’ve neglected.

Refresh Paint- A fresh coat of paint can freshen up the room, and refresh dull, dated colors. Again, go for more neutral colors. Also, if you currently have wallpaper, consider taking down and just covering with paint.

Odors- You may be use to the smell of pets, children, or a moist bathroom in your home, but other’s are likely to notice when they step foot inside. You can burn candles, grind half a lemon in the garbage disposal to remove sink smells. Also, don’t forget to take out the trash.

Natural Lighting- Take advantage of natural light! Open blinds and drapes to showcase your home.