Winter is officially upon us, which means snow, freezing temps, icy driving conditions, and so much more. Winter can be a magical time, but there is a lot of dangers that come along with it, so here are some tips on how to keep your pets warm and safe this season, as well as some basic winter safety tips for here in Central Oregon.

Pet Safety-

Don’t leave in Vehicle- If possible, just leave your dog at home when out running errands. Even if you think you will just quickly run into a store, it can end up taking longer than expected, and the temps drop fast in your vehicle, if it is not on with the heater running.

Booties- If you regularly take your dog for a walk in the snow, make sure to put dog booties on their feet to keep the snow from sticking in their paws.

Have Warm Place at Home- Make sure your pets have a warm, cozy spot to cuddle up in at home, to keep them comfortable. 

Keep Extra Food on Hand- If a serious storm hits, and you are unable to go to the store if your pets run out of food, it’s good to always have an extra supply of food on hand, just in case.

For Outdoor Cats- If your cat goes in and out during the day, make sure you let them in at night, or have a small, covered, warm shelter for them outside.

Check Under Car Hood- Be sure to check under the hood in the morning before you start your car up, as cats can climb into car engines to keep warm during the winter months.

General Safety-

In Vehicle- Keep supplies like: A shovel, blankets or sleeping bag, reflectors, matches, winter clothes-gloves, jacket, hat, warm socks, emergency flares, rock salt.

At Home- Keep supplies on hand in case of power outage. You should always have in the home: gallons of drinking water, warm blankets, charged cell phones, matches or lighters, candles, flashlights, plenty of extra batteries, battery-powered radio, plenty of food that doesn’t need to be cooked to eat.

Stay Inside- Stay inside and out of the winter conditions as much as possible, but if you have to be outside for any amount of time, make sure to wear warm, breathable layer, and waterproof is key! As soon as you get wet in the freezing temps, hypothermia can kick in fast!

Be Seen During Walks- Be sure to wear bright colors, or a reflective jacket while out on walks, as the snow can be somewhat blinding, and can throw vision off for drivers.

Avoid Spilling Antifreeze- Be very careful when pouring antifreeze into your vehicle, as cats tend to lick it up, due to it’s sweet taste.

Have fun during these winter months, and always be prepared!
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