2020’s trend continues…

The updated graphs in link below reflect that the trend, at this point, is unchanging. Inventory remaines at historic lows, yet the number of buyers ready to purchase continues to increase. These graphs combine Sunriver with Corsswater and Caldera Springs, and thus can be a little misleading. However, splitting out the data would create too many graphs for the average person reviewing at the high level. If you are interested in jusy one of the resorts (or any sub-area), please contact us via phone, text, or email, we’re happy to provide you with the information that will assist you specifically.

The graph below, in link, and the six graphs on reverse side, display data regardless of brokerage, THese are looking at the month of October for years 2018, 2019, and 2020 and describes Bend, the Sunriver area (including Caldera Springs, Crosswater, etc…), other Three Rivers South areas, and La Pine.

We think these data speak clearly for themselves, however, we’d be very happy to discuss with you. Give us a call or stop in for a socially-distant cup of coffee!

October Graphs here.


Sunriver is Oregon’s Most Desired “Zoom Town”

Parvaneh Kalantari usually finds Sunriver relaxing. She enjoys the Central Oregon resort town so much, she hoped to buy a second home there—a place to escape her job as a Portland real estate broker.

But it’s hard to find solitude in Sunriver now. For the past two weeks, Kalantari, 36, has been shopping in the middle of a vacation home-buying frenzy.

“There is not one single listing under 650 in Sunriver right now,” she says. “It’s the perfect storm of historically low interest rates plus zero inventory, and people that are going a little stir-crazy in the Portland metro area. When something pops up, it grabs everyone in the market who’s looking. Which is me, unfortunately.”

Across Oregon, vacation towns are running out of housing stock. It’s true in Hood River, in much of Deschutes County, and along the Oregon Coast. They’re part of a phenomenon known as “Zoom towns”: When you work from home, home can be anywhere with a strong Wi-Fi signal and a house you can afford. Click to continue reading Willamette Week article.

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