Here in Central Oregon, we never know what the weather is going to do from one day to the next. We have had snow in the summer, and extremely warm days in the winter, so now is a good time to start getting the yard, garden, and home ready for the cold temperatures that are bound to be on their way into town. Here are some things you can do to prevent frost and water damage to your garden and home.

Yard & Garden-

Garden Still Growing- If you are still growing in the garden, have a plan to cover plants in case of freezing temps at night to avoid ruining that late fall harvest. It can be a homemade PVC pipe cover with plastic sheeting over it, or as simple as a bed sheet. If you have potted plants that can be moved, think about just moving them closer to the house, that way at night they get the warmth from the house, and cover them lightly with something.

Garden Done Growing- If your garden is done for the season, you can pull up dead plants and lightly aerate soil where they were planted. If you still have some growing, just pull the dead ones and toss them in the compost or yard recycle bin. Getting a slight head start with the soil for next year will mean less work digging up old crispy plants come next spring making spring sowing a breeze.

Outdoor Furniture- Depending the time of year you put your outdoor furniture away, have a space ready to store it, in case of random snow fall. At least just putting the cushions away and umbrellas folded down can save you a ton of money come next year.

Lawn- Now is a good time to fertilize if there are no freezing temps in the seven-day forecast or even in the predicted month to come, as it’s good to fertilize about 6 weeks before frost. If the weather has been nice and mild, you can continue to mow and water like normal. You can also throw seed down where any dead patches may be, to try and get them growing.

Weeds- Even though it may seem like it will be cold enough soon, and not to worry about weeds, it’s still good to keep up on the weeding.  Just a quick run-through of the yard hand picking and getting roots. This can be another lifesaver come next spring, when you have a clean, weed-free area to work with right off the bat.

Sprinkler Systems- If there are freezing temps coming up, think about scheduling a time to have someone come out and spray out the sprinkler pipes, you don’t want those freezing and causing serious damage.


Roof- If you didn’t have your roof looked at in the spring months, now is a good time, before the snow and rain from winter hit, causing potential heavy damage.

Windows- Walk around and check drafts from any windows that may need to be fixed or filled in. If you don’t know what to look for, have a professional contractor come out and take a look for you. Something as small as drafty windows can make a huge difference on your heating bill come wintertime.

Furnace/ Filters- Make sure your furnace is up to date, working properly, and cleaned out. This also goes for air filters on heaters, furnaces, and vents as well. You can call a professional through the company you purchased these, and they can come out and do an inspection for you, if you don’t know what to look for.

Clean Gutters- Because gutters can fill with water, snow, and ice in the winter, getting them cleaned out before first snow, can save you some serious money not having to deal with the damage from all the extra weight in them.

Happy Fall!

The Jones Group @ Sunriver Realty